Introducing Farmland Advantage

August 18, 2016

Name change for ESI

Farmland Advantage is the new name for the project originally known as ESI or 'Ecosystem Services Initiative.'

As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthening our communications, the project’s original term of reference "Ecosystem Services Initiative (ESI)" has been renamed as Farmland Advantage (FARMAD).

We have queried partners and stakeholders to better understand external perceptions and considerations associated with this project. The project and its objectives are viewed very favourably, and considered a valuable initiative. However, it was consistently expressed that our working name ‘Ecosystem Services Initiative’ did not meet the requirements of our broad and diverse audience. As a result, the name has been changed to FarmlandAdvantage, with the addition of the tagline ‘Enhancing Natural Values.’

Going forwards, Farmland Advantage: Enhancing Natural Values, is how this project will be referred to and described.

Our communications continue to develop, and we are pleased to have a stronger foundation as we progress.
Speaking of progress, much has been accomplished in this first year, most notably the relations and community we've built, as well as the partners and stakeholders that make this project possible.

But what we're most excited about is the our work on the ground in Year 2 as we evolve this project initiative towards a fully developed and delivered program.

Finally, this project is for the future of farmers and families. Without your interest, it wouldn't be possible. Thank you.